Mobile Banking

Manage your money on the move.

With our new app for iPhone and Android, you’ll find banking on the move is now faster and easier - and very secure.

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What you’ll need to use our new app

iPhone or Android

You’ll need an iPhone running iOS 5.0 or above OR an Android device* running 2.3 or above.

The new version of the app won’t work on jailbroken or rooted devices. But you’ll still be able to access all the Mobile Banking features you're used to through your mobile browser.

* The app doesn’t yet work on Intel-based Android devices.

Up-to-date Phone Number

The first time you use the new app, we'll need to call you on a number we know is yours.

Please log on to check your numbers are up to date.


Apple App Store or Google Play account

Lloyds Bank UK personal account

Internet Banking User ID and password

Data access on your device (either Wi-Fi or cellular)

Set aside a few minutes to get set up

You’ll only need a couple of minutes to get set up. Choose a moment when you won’t be rushed, are away from background noise, and have a good connection. Find out more about getting started.

We've detected your device as BlackBerry.
Find out more about our app for BlackBerry.

We've detected your device as Windows.
Find out more about our app for Windows Mobile.

Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking

Do more with Mobile Banking

With our new app, you'll find Mobile Banking faster and easier.

  • Transactions

    Full transaction history on your eligible personal accounts

  • Transfers

    Transfer funds between your accounts

  • Payments

    Pay people and bills - and pay your phone contacts using just their mobile number

  • Everyday Offers

    And if you've signed up for Everyday Offers, you can view and activate offers while you're out and about, to earn as you spend straightaway. You can also check your total cashback earned.

  • Bank on the move

    Find your nearest Lloyds Bank branch or Cashpoint®, or LINK ATM

If you're new to banking on the move, please don't worry. Using our app is easy and secure.